Beism is a Mindset, your way of living. BEISM teaches everyone in life; and everyone in the program how to connect with their body on a physical and mental level. "Staying grounded and present with your body can be difficult." 
BEISM believes that the only thing holding you back from you achieving your ideal Beism; is Your Mind.  

    As people, and as a person we need to exert Awareness to ones inner and outer speech and to ones surroundings. Conscious to the present. Cognitive to what is happening in the current moment in time. In this world, you as an individual interact with other people. We communicate with each other in every way possible. We are capable of communicating through body language, facial gestures, verbally, and through our tone of voice. Inside of having communications and/or relations with other people. The messages you communicate will affect other peoples reality. You as an individual can only impact and influence the other people around us. Your words that you choose and the actions you perform, are the ways that we impact & influence other people. We can not control each other. If you are not conscious to the present, you may miss seeing and/or not be able to recognize, the ways you are communicating with others; and/or the ways others are communicating with you.
    In the present, the act of us "being" is owning our presence, control of our conscious while existing in the moment. To exist is to "have objective reality, or being." This objectivity of being are, the goals in which you want to obtain, a mission in which you would like to complete, and barriers you desire to overcome. In order to obtain your goals, complete your mission, and also defeat your barriers. You have to perform a certain way and/or complete certain actions in which learn from. Gaining knowledge and ability through experience.
    You are a product of the environments you have be placed in. You have been conditioned to behave or perform a certain way, based on the previous knowledge and experiences you have had. Lead by others, we discover for ourselves what the world is about. Taking influence from others, to impact our own lives to be better than it once was. Being conscious to ones self and surroundings and deciding to perform in a way that will best benefit yourself, and/or for the another person(s) around you... with the intention of causing no harm.
    This is why it is so important to be aware to your inner/outer speech and to your surrounding, because the result of the actions and words that you have will affect your (and/or another persons) objective reality. And the result of that impact or influence (being the words you say and actions you perform), will condition yourself or others to behave or perform a certain way. We have to lead by example because we learn from other people, and our environment. We have to power to create change in our own and others lives. This power should not be taken for granted, because the impact and influence we can have on will either be positive or negative.

With so many ways to create change your own and someone else's life, it is important to have Integrity.
Self honesty and believing in yourself. Listening to yourself and doing what you truly believe is right. Doing what you believe is right is an essential. Having the Discipline to accept the conditions for what they are because your outcome and limitations will be pushed to be what you believe is the best version of yourself.
Having the Dedication to stick to your self-discipline is crucial! You either do or you do not! If you want to get to your ideal Beism you have to do what you say you are going to do. Otherwise you are not making progress. Dedication is necessary! Sticking with your path and choosing to stay on it. Giving it your all! Only putting 100% of yourself into something. If you chose to do something why would you not put your whole self into that. You will never obtain what you want if you do not pursue that goal with everything you got! Discipline and Dedication will advance you into your ideal Beism; and maintaining integrity is important, because we must only have the intentions to be a positive influence and/or impact on others; otherwise we would be doing harm.

One must also put forth Diligence & Perseverance. Only doing your best work correctly, with the intentions of doing no harm. The work that you face may not always be easy, but the reality of the situation is that you are able to push through that difficulty; and actually do it! Everything in life is obtainable, time and effort is the only hindrance. Going through the motions and the process multiple times is how people learn. Deciding what you want and knowing how to get there is the first step. The second step; is executing. Knowing what you want, seeing how to get there, and believing you will get to where you want to be; by executing. This process is the motions we go through, to obtain any goal we want in life.
You can not get to step two, without going through step one. At the end of step two, is you obtaining your goal.
That is why it is important to have Diligence and Perseverance.

Lastly, above all else; is having Zero Self-Deception. Your ideal Beism will not happen if you continue to deceive and/or denounce yourself. The willingness to let go of whatever negativity that has caught on in your life, is holding you back from your true potential. Holding onto previous pessimistic presences or painful experiences is hurting yourself.
Being reluctant and ignorant from change will not bring you your ideal Beism. BEISM is about creating positive change in ones own life. Concentrating your focus on the positive side of life is your most powerful asset. Pulling mass positivity into your life will leave no room for negativity to enter your being. Zero Self-Deception is the key factor in you obtaining your ideal Beism. Without believing in yourself your ideal Beism will never be achieved!