Parkour Summer Camp 2018


Join us for hours of activities full of fun, expression, and growth. Parkour Summer camp is a perfect foundation for any kind of movement training. Begin to master your body and mind with basic Parkour techniques, group work, and self challenges. Learn to explore your environment and develop skills and abilities you never knew you had!


Early Bird Registration:

Receive $20 off for signing up before early bird date!

Sibling Discount:

$50 off when 2 or more family members register.

Refer a Buddy
that signs up to receive $50 off your registration.

Week 1: July 23rd-27th 

Early Bird Registration Ends June 1st

Week 2: August 6th-10th

Early Bird Registration Ends July 1st

Week 3: August 20th-24th

Early Bird Registration Ends August 1st


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