This is the symbol of Being

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This is your symbol

(Symbol of Balance and Movement)

This symbol represents the many cycles
you go through in your life. Each cycle is a manifestation from what you are creating. We all struggle to keep each and every cycle balanced so that we may reach our goals. This is not an easy task. BEISM has the tools you need to adapt in any given situation and be flexible. When you learn how to move with the cycles of being, life becomes much more fluid and fun. This is mastering balance. 


What Does it Mean to BE in Alignment?

( Self Reflection questions )

  • Are you moving in a positive direction? 

  • Are your intentions positive or negative?

  • Where will those intentions lead you? 

  • What triggers you into a negative cycle? 

  • What makes up that negative cycle?

  • Are you choosing to replay yourself in that negative cycle?

  • Is it time for a change?

  • What can I do to break the cycle in my situation?

  • What do I want to achieve?  

  • What tools, based on my past and present experiences
    do I already have?

  • What tools do I need to acquire to help solve the problem
    that my situation presents now?

  • What limitations have I created?

  • Am I holding myself back?

  • How can I Adapt to get to my desired outcome? 

When we experience something we don’t want, we automatically send out a desire for the opposite.
If we experience someone being rude to us, we desire to be treated with respect. 

                                                      We often hear from many professionals and speakers say,                                                   that in order to attract what we want to obtain. We need to be in alignment.

Not in Alignment = Trapped in a psychosis cycle.