The Beism Movement is a
Positive Lifestyle Movement.

Beism is Your lifestyle.
The practice of you BEing! 

Do You Know What True Freedom is?

Beism is Just That!
Your True Freedom.

BEISM teaches people to BE present in the moment,
by training to be fully immersed
in our actions. We enjoy the
feeling of energized focus
& full involvement.

Discovering your Flow, is having the power to control yourself.
When you have the power to control yourself then you will
understand true freedom.

Based in
Santa Cruz, CA.

BEISM offers many different activities that promote the
Beism lifestyle! Dance & Parkour are just a few that anyone and everyone can learn to enjoy & express them self in. 

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Core Values

•Zero Self-Deception

“I think it is important to train smart and to have fun! I love learning and I think there is a lesson to be learned in everything. I created BEISM so people may have the tools to take care of themselves in every way. Mentally, Emotionally and Physically."
      - Shorme Nortey

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    BEISM inspires & encourages individuals to live a lifestyle
that redefines your mental & physical limits; and shifts your state of mind in a positive and encouraging way. A Beism state of mind is the ability to transform and embody the lifestyle that they truly want to live.

We curate a diverse and active lifestyle through various modalities of movement that strengthens the ability to accomplish your goals and exceed your mental & physical traditional limits. BEISM is a collective of individuals that aspire to motivate, and inspire the world & people around us through redefining ourselves and the way we choose to live.

    One who lives their Beism lifestyle has the control and abilities to execute tasks with Confidence. Living in fear is a major obstacle in you achieving your Beism. Fear can hold you back from ever even trying the things you wish to do. But what is the cause of that fear? Is it a rational fear? One that needs to be worked up to in order for you to break and push past. Or is it an irrational fear? A fear that you need to squash, and muster up your confidence to execute, because
you know what you are capable of doing. 

Inside of your lifestyle there are mass amounts of ways for you to express yourself and individuality. Self-Expression is crucial to have because that is what separates you from everyone else. Mold your own identity in your Beism. Create and display who you really are as a person. Your self expression can and will be an influence to others. So what kinds of emotions are you freely expressing? Being able to control yourself and knowing when the right and wrong time is to express certain emotions and feelings is part of having awareness to ones self and surroundings. 

Beism is unique to each individual person. How I "BE" is different than how you "BE." An absolute fact that is happening in each of our Beings;
is that we can only can only feel in the present. We have to Flow with ourselves & others in life. This flow is happening in the present and is guided by our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Being able to understand ourselves and people around us will provide us with insight of how to "BE" with and around each other.
Inside of flowing with each other, we can only impact and/or influence. We can not control each other. As individuals we can only accept or reject the words/actions of a person(s) flowing with ones self. The result of that acceptance or rejection will lead to a positive or negative impact and/or influence in ones or another person(s) life. You are responsible for your own actions. One can not 100% accurately tell what the result of the impact and/or influence will be, but we know the result will be either positive or negative. What we are trying to perceive; is outcome and consequences of that impact or influence. Either being good or bad for oneself or to another person(s). Are your actions leaving positive or negative impressions on yourself and the people around you?

BEISM wants you to be a positive impact and influence for yourself
and others! A person that will be motivated to positively change your
own life as well as others. Only you can choose to Perceive the world in
a different way. If you are reading this, this is not a coincidence you are ready for a change. BEISM is here to guide you to become the person
you have always wanted to be.

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