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Santa Cruz Parkour

Indoor & Outdoor Classes for Ages 3-18+, Camps, Workshops, Events & More…

Santa Cruz Parkour is a community of individuals who train parkour to grow themselves both physically and mentally. We train to be fit and functional. Parkour is an excellent movement foundation because it encourages a relationship within yourself to execute exactly what your mind seeks to do.


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The Beism Theory

Success Management
In-Home Behavior Plans
Business Coaching

The Beism Theory is created from a Life Coaching & Behavioral Training standpoint. Beism Theory focus’ on the Mind-Body Relationship being in harmony. We experience alignment within ourselves when our mind, body and spirit are working together. Our thoughts, speech and actions need to be in sync in order for our underlying manifestations to occur. In order to achieve alignment we must understand, we are not our thoughts and in fact we must observe them to understand our underling beliefs…Beliefs drive our thoughts and our thoughts drive our emotions. It is important that we can observe our thoughts instead of being controlled by them. Our coaches are here to show you how to get out of the back seat, take control of your life and start driving.



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Orenda Movement

Orenda Movement is a Health & Wellness Center. As an individual, it is very important that you take care of yourself physically & mentally. When it comes to treatment, the right option may not always be clear. At Orenda Movement we have many different options for wellness and self care. We believe that your health matters! This is why it is our mission to deliver you the highest quality experience & care you deserve, in achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Existing in the here and now is being present in the moment. The present is constantly moving through time and space. In this movement, you must ask yourself;
How do I be?